Let Food Be Thy Medicine

– Hippocrates –

- How & Why -

Imagine you are driving in your car and the “check engine light” comes on.

This indicates something is not working properly, right? You take the car into the mechanic, the mechanic pops the hood. Instead of looking for the cause, the mechanic clips the wire to turn off the light and then sends you on your way. Does it sound like the mechanic got to the root cause of the problem? That is what it feels like with modern medicine. You see your doctor because your “check engine light” (aka-symptoms or disease) comes on.

You call your doctor and he or she sends you home with a pill that is supposed to turn the “check engine light” (aka-symptoms or disease) off.

Functional medicine takes a deeper look under the hood. Functional medicine is looking for the HOW and WHY disease occurs. Only by addressing the root causes, unique to each individual, will you have the ability to restore health!

Conventional Doctors:

  • 15 min avg appointment time

  • In person visits only

  • Disease centered

  • Pharmaceuticals and antibiotics

  • Basic lab tests

  • Monitors disease and treat symptoms

  • No Additional Support

Stepping Stone Health:

  • 45 min avg appointment time

  • In Person or Telemedicine Visits

  • “Human” centered

  • Lifestyle shifts and supplements

  • Advanced diagnostics

  • Prevents and gets to the root cause of disease

  • Unlimited support through messaging


Wish to know why you feel the way you do

Want to take action against your dis-ease

Are looking for personalized medicine


Are you ready to Transform Your Health?